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Together we can "make Calgary" more


makeCalgary is PROUD to be

Informative, Influential, and Impactful

An informative platform to inspire positive change

makeCalgary IS

An informative PLATFORM for thought provoking events and collaborations to inspire positive and contemporary urban change. We host, and participate in, interdisciplinary workshops, community-engagement processes, networking sessions, public symposiums, and conferences.

An influential network encouraging connections and collaborations

makeCalgary IS

An influential and interdisciplinary network connecting thought-leaders, academics, researchers, community activists and influencers, and government policy-makers.

A catalyst for impactful change

makeCalgary IS

A catalyst for community-engagement, thoughtful dialogue, and collaborative change. We are dedicated to supporting a better place for all Calgarians by collectively imagining and developing new ways to work together.

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Looking westward at the City of Calgary and the Bow River in 2019

Westward view of the Bow River and the City of Calgary, 2019

Fiona Boulet