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Based within the University of Calgary, makeCalgary is a multi-faculty collective working to improve the lives of Calgarians through research-based exploration of the links between municipal policies, urban planning/design/architecture, equity, and public health. Our interdisciplinary network acts as a pathway to progressive change by bringing together researchers, academics, practitioners, and municipal decision-makers to tackle urban challenges related to infrastructure, social, and health-focused topics.

The current pace of environmental, social, and economic change is challenging for all and is leading to increasing challenges in our ability to ensure healthy and livable spaces for all citizens. These broad-ranging urban challenges validate the contemporary value of makeCalgary's commitment to conducting and translating research into policies and programs that have real and positive impacts in our city.

makeCalgary organizes our efforts into four criteria that define a great city: RESILIENT, VIBRANT, HEALTHY, and EQUITABLE. Our 2021 focus is on "makeCalgary EQUITABLE" through research initiatives based on anti-racism as an initial phase of exploration, learning, and impactful change.

Our Vision

When making decisions or leading discussions on citizen health, including structural, social, and health-focused topics, the City of Calgary incorporates evidence-based research. This is of particular importance when considerations involve Calgary's most vulnerable citizens and communities.

Our Purpose

To bring researchers and municipal decision-makers together to tackle and shape municipal polices capable of impacting topics related to active living, mitigation of structural and social vulnerabilities, and vibrancy and leisure for health. By continually developing our network, makeCalgary supports various platforms and pathways to thoughtful dialogue, informed policy decisions, and pro-active change.

Our Guiding Principles

makeCalgary focuses activities on the following:

  • Four healthy city descriptors: Resilient, Vibrant, Healthy, and Equitable
  • Four pillars of interest: community engagement, education, research, and policy impact
  • Three themes for catalyzing research: active living, mitigating structural and social vulnerabilities, and vibrancy and leisure for health

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