Supporting and collaborating with University Researchers

We enable, engage, and fund research projects and initiatives that inspire progressive and inclusive urban change through:

ASSISTING WITH NETWORKING and connections for interdisciplinary researchers and municipal or community contacts,

SHARING FUNDING and grants with interdisciplinary research teams,

SUPPORTING KNOWLEDGE-SHARING opportunities for researchers and research teams, and

ASSISTING WITH DRAFTING of grants or other key documents.

Impactful Healthy Cities Research

We encourage collaborative and impactful research on healthy cities topics

makeCalgary explores the links between urban policy and health

We encourage collective problem-solving of contemporary urban challenges by bringing together university researchers, community leaders, and municipal decision-makers. Through an emphasis upon impactful research, makeCalgary helps researchers see real value of their work when it is applied in municipal decisions, and the municipal decision-makers strengthen and better understand these decisions. We support learnings on health-focused topics related to three themes.

  1. ACTIVE LIVING -- Exploring how municipal policies and infrastructure can support physical activity of all types.
  2. MITIGATION OF SOCIAL and STRUCTURAL VULNERABILITIES -- Exploring how municipalities can best support vulnerable individuals and communities, and mitigate harmful effects on health of suboptimal housing, limited income, and low education.
  3. VIBRANCY and LEISURE -- Exploring how municipalities can enhance quality of life through strategic investments in infrastructure and key events capable of enriching life in the city.

previous examples of how makeCalgary has supported researchers

Support through sharing of seed funding

In 2016, makeCalgary obtained grant funding through the University of Calgary's Human Dynamics, Healthy Cities program. We hosted a public convening symposium on healthy cities research and provided seed funding to six interdisciplinary research teams working on impactful research. Since 2016, each team has further leveraged the funding, provided training and/or mentoring opportunities, and developed new or extended partnerships.

Support through sharing of research evidence and knowledge

makeCalgary was awarded a CIHR Planning Grant in 2017 to build cross-disciplined dialogue. We hosted three public networking events on each of our catalyzing research themes, with each session including presentations and/or posters from University of Calgary research teams.

Support through shared funding for ongoing research

makeCalgary received a grant from the Calgary Flames Foundation to support research on youth health and activities. We hosted several public events to share current research and provided funding to assist with the completion of university-based research teams.

Support through grant drafting and collaboration

In 2020, makeCalgary collaborated with the O'Brien Institute to develop a successful multi-year, collective grant application for an anonymous donor interested in improving the lives of vulnerable Calgarians.

The requirement to be interdisciplinary made it easier to facilitate and encouraged the building of teams and other collaborations.


Obtaining funding for scoping reviews is difficult (due to unfamiliarity with this type of review methodology) and very few grant competitions fund scoping reviews or any type of synthesis.


The connection with makeCalgary supported the research team in effectively connecting with the City of Calgary staff.